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PRIDE Bucks are tickets given to students who are modeling the Harvard Kent PRIDE Values. Students can earn White Bucks which are given to individuals demonstrating HK PRIDE or Blue Bucks which are given to classrooms who as a whole show Purpose, Responsibility, Individuality, Determination or Engagement. Through the use of PRIDE Bucks we aim to maintain a safe and respectful environment where staff and students work together to create and uphold the core values of P.R.I.D.E. We want to celebrate when students demonstrate HK PRIDE and encourage them to continue to do so. Each week the classrooms with the most PRIDE Bucks in each grade are announced as that weeks PRIDE Buck Winners. The winners will be the first to be dismissed to recess for the entire week, giving them a couple minutes of extra play time. 


Check in every Friday to see our new PRIDE Buck Winners!

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