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K1/K2 FAQs


What are the academic milestones that my child should be expected to achieve during the school year and how are they communicated with parents?

Parents will receive a syllabus at the beginning of the school year that will outline the key standards and benchmarks students will be reaching during the school year.


When do I need to worry about my child’s academic or social development? What can a parent do at home to support their child’s development in the classroom?

If your child is having academic or social delays, the classroom teacher will reach out to families to discuss.  At home, parents can read with their child every night and ask questions about what they learned in school. In K1, an activity sheet is sent home monthly that will help families connect to the work being done in school. K2 activities are broken into four quarters and shared on the syllabus.


Does the Harvard-Kent offer extra help for my child or assist families in finding resources? 

The Harvard-Kent community has many resources and partners who support our students. Any families who have specific needs should contact the teacher or school administration for support.


When are parent teacher conferences?

We have 2 teacher/family events during the year. Back to School night in September where families will meet as a group with teachers to find out about what their child will be learning this year.  Around January, we have Parent/Teacher conferences that are more focused on individual students.


What are the morning drop and afternoon pick up logistics for K1/K2?

All K1 and K2 students should be dropped off at their classroom doors (outside on Bunker Hill St) beginning at 9:10am. After 9:30, tardy students will enter the school through the main entrance on Bunker Hill Street or on Tremont St (closer to the main office for sign in)


Afternoon pick up begins at 4:00 at your child’s outside classroom door. 


I need to drop my child off late/pick up early from school what is the procedure? 

For late drop off/early dismissal, please call the Main Office. Your student will be walked out to meet you at one of our entrances. Ms. Ryan is the school secretary and can support you with any additional questions, (617) 635-8358.


My child is sick and cannot go to school who do I let know? 

If your child is ill, please contact your students teacher, call the school - (617) 635-8358 or contact our Family Liaison, Ms. Dariana - - (617) 320-9140.


Important: Please follow up with the school if your child is out for Covid related reasons (experiencing symptoms, tested positive, close contact) for guidance on next steps.


Who do I call if I need to reach the school? What is the number?

The main office number is 617-635-8358. Ms. Ryan will direct you to any staff members you need to reach. Teachers' emails can be found on our school website - Teachers may also let parents know what is the best way to get in touch with them. 


What is my child’s daily and weekly schedule? When and how is this shared with the parents?

K2 schedules are shared with families in the Clever classroom. 


Will my child have homework?

In K1, there are suggested activities with each unit that are sent to families. In K2, students receive written homework Monday-Thursday (takes 10-15 min) and are expected to read 15-20 minutes per night. K2 is following the Focus on K2 curriculum homework.  It is a sheet that is distributed weekly that suggests activities aligned with the unit. Students are expected to read with someone every night of the week and log it in their reading logs.


Do the kids go outside every day for recess? What would be the reason they would stay inside?  

Students go outside each day unless the weather does not permit (too hot, too cold, too icy).

What is “Fun Friday” and what do the kids do during this time? 

“Fun Friday” is an opportunity to join with other classmates to celebrate the week.

In K1, there are different things students do: arts and crafts, sensory activities, scholastic books on tape etc.

In K2, students play instruments, sing songs, dance and go on neighborhood walks.


What does my child need to bring to school daily? What supplies do they need?

  1. Backpack 

  2. Water bottle and snack

  3. Proper weather gear (hats/mittens) including comfortable sneakers/shoes 

Please do not permit your child to bring toys, games, electronic devices or other personal items to school. We are unable to assume responsibility for these items and they often create distractions for your child and the class.


What happens if they forget these items?

K1 and K2 students are 4-6 years old so we know they (or their families) forget things. We have access to snacks, drinks and water. We also have extra hats and gloves for families who forget.


How can parents be involved in the classroom? 

We love parent engagement! Very early in the school year, your child’s teacher will share ways that you can be involved. It is BPS policy to require all volunteers to have a CORI check before volunteering. The HKPA is another great way to support our school. Keep an eye out for information from the HKPA on how to get involved!


Are breakfast and lunch really free? Where do the K1/K2 eat both their meals?

Yes---Breakfast and lunch are free. Breakfast is in the classrooms, while lunch is in the cafeteria.


Where do I find the breakfast and lunch menu?

They can be found online at:


Who supervises the kids during lunch?

Classroom support staff as well as lunch monitors supervise the students during lunch.


What is the school uniform? 

The school uniform is a navy blue shirt with the HK Logo. Information about ordering uniforms is available on our school website. Our shirts are available at with school code: 900187774. Students are not punished if they do not wear their uniforms, but we often celebrate students who wear their uniforms each day. If you need help accessing uniforms please contact our Family Liaison, Ms.Dariana - - (617) 320-9140 or our school secretary Ms. Ryan - (617) 635-8358.


How do we ensure student safety and how can we help?

The safety of our students is our number one priority. Each of our 2 main entrances have a camera that allows us to identify whomever is trying to enter the building. All other doors are only accessible through the use of School IDs.  Throughout the year, we practice Fire Safety Drills as well as other safety drills to prepare for any possible emergency.

How families can help: If you see something that feels unsafe, report it immediately to school staff.


What are the specifics of the Before School & After School Programs?

The Before School Program is staffed by Harvard-Kent teachers and staff and is available to all HK students. The program is held Monday-Friday beginning at 7:45am. Students should enter the school at the Tremont St door. The program costs $25 per week per student. For a sign up sheet please contact your student’s teacher, Ms. Dariana or the school.

The After School Program is staffed by Harvard-Kent teachers and staff and is only for students in K1 and K2. The program is held Monday-Thursday until 5:30pm. Students can be picked up at any time during the program. Most days, students are in the gym or schoolyard until 5:00pm and should be picked up at those locations. The program fee is $400 for the year per student. For a sign up sheet please contact your student’s teacher, Ms. Darina or the school.


What is Harvard-Kent PRIDE?

Our official school motto is PRIDE, which stands for Purpose, Responsibility, Individuality, Determination, and Engagement. Each morning after the Pledge of Allegiance, students recite the HK PRIDE Pledge. Students earn “PRIDE Bucks” in school for making great choices throughout the school day and demonstrating HK PRIDE. Each week we recognize classrooms that earn the most PRIDE Bucks!


All HK Staff are important in the daily functioning of our school. Here are a few names you should be familiar with before school begins:

Principal: Mark Silva

Assistant Principal: Heidi Clement 

School Secretary: Christine Ryan

Nurse: Justine Callahan

Family Liaison: Dariana Arteaga

School Social Worker: Abigail Amico


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