We strive to help all our students develop a lifelong love of learning and to prepare them to be leaders in their communities. We believe it is essential to focus on three aspects of their development in particular: 


We believe that every child can thrive academically and we are committed to providing rigorous instruction to ensure that all students read and write exceptionally; speak thoughtfully; solve problems efficiently; think critically; and express themselves creatively. Our teachers are committed to constant reflection and improvement. We use data to track students’ growth and areas of challenge so that we can make sure to meet each student where he or she is and keep them moving forward. Our teachers are dedicated, caring, and work collaboratively to meet the needs of all our students. 


Health & Wellness:

We believe strongly that children need to be healthy and active in order to do their best learning. At the Harvard Kent, our Wellness Team ensures we have a special emphasis on physical activity and outdoor learning because our experience (and current brain research) shows that physical activity boosts test scores, lowers behavior problems, reduces stress and improves mood. We ensure that each student has physical education at least once per week; incorporate movement breaks into our classes; allow for extended recess; and use our newly renovated outdoor classroom, playground, and spacious classrooms to get students moving, no matter the weather.  The Harvard-Kent School also has a full-time nurse and we partner with various agencies such as the Home for Little Wanderers and Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention to ensure the social-emotional needs of our students are met.  Our partnerships with MGH Institute of Health Career Professionals, Delta Dental, BOKS fitness, Boston Organics, Whole Foods, and our Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Grant help us fulfill our vision of providing for our students’ health and well-being.



We encourage our students to demonstrate Harvard Kent PRIDE - Purpose, Responsibility, Individuality, Determination, and Engagement. Teachers incorporate these themes into classroom discussions so that all children can talk about what each of those traits means to him or her. This way, our entire school community shares a common language about what we value. Students recognize each other for actions that demonstrate PRIDE and earn “Pride Bucks” each week.